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Who Is Jordan Watts?

Jordan Watts is a Certified Personal Trainer as well as certified in Functional Fitness Instruction and CPR with a strong athletic background in sports throughout his life. Jordan aspires to continue earning more certifications in his field of work in fitness to add on to the wealth of knowledge he attains in nutrition, weight lifting, HIIT and cardio training, bodybuilding, weight loss and fat loss, group training, one-on-on training, and much more. There is a vast range of experience Jordan has to offer in training all fitness levels starting from beginners, those who need mofications for injuries or limitations, intermediate levels, collegiate athletes, and also advanced levels for clients who are looking to be challenged. Whether a client is training for a spartan race, competition prep, to meet weight loss goals, or even to meet wedding deadlines - Jordan trains it all and tailors the training to the precise results that his clients are looking for. 

So, who really is Jordan Watts … Let me share with you.


I have a huge heart to help people gain confidence, get healthy, educate them about nutrition, and most importantly, help them become the best version of themselves that they could possibly be. It is fulfilling to me to guide individuals in successfully achieving their health and fitness goals. I am the coach who puts my clients first. My number one priority is to see people thrive mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally at Revelation Fitness - no matter what the cost. My passion is not driven by the money, or by the number of clients, and certainly not about by an industrial image, but it is without a doubt driven by the quality of lives I can impact on a daily basis with the skills and gifts I have acquired in training countless people. 


I didn’t have a coach or trainer in my corner supporting me in my fitness goals during the first three years of my transformation. Although I have been blessed with great genetics, that did not make it any easier for me to stay disciplined and maintain the results I had worked hard for.  There are many times where I have gotten asked if I take steroids (which I never have and never will), and that had been disappointing to me because I began to realize how many people are so willing to take the easy route in fitness. Hard work and discipline are not concepts that are commonly used in the fitness industry, which is the very reason why it is a core concept I knew I had to promote in Revelation Fitness.


So I'm human and will admit it: there were many times I did not want to step foot inside the gym to work out during my transformation, but it was not until I had a revelation about fitness that altered the motivation of my journey. My revelation was 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 (read more here). I realized that I could not just keep my body in shape for vain reasons, just for fun, or for myself anymore; but for the God that has given me this temple to keep strong and to honor by taking proper care of it through exercise and nutrition. It was not until this revelation that I found my purpose in the fitness world and to share this important ideal with people that have yet to realize that we only have one body in this life. One body, one life, one chance.

I am excited to introduce this whole new approach to fitness and train people who are ready for a life change, ready to be challenged to the next level, and are ready to give up some unhealthy habits. 

One body, one life, one chance - that's it. 

See you in the gym,

Jordan Watts

Jordan's 3-Year Transformation
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