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Help The Children

Roger Presgrove served as the Director of Operations for World Opportunities International (WOI), a humanitarian relief organization located in Hollywood, California for seven years.  In 1998, Roger Presgrove left WOI to establish Children’s Network International.

In 2005, World Opportunities International/Help the Children President and Chairman of the Board contacted Roger Presgrove and asked him to take over the Help the Children programs because they were closing their doors, in which Mr. Presgrove said he would consider it an honor to take over the programs.  

In 2007, Mr. Presgrove along with the Board of Directors, decided to change the name of Children’s Network International to Help the Children.  It is our belief that this name states what we do more precisely and for that reason we changed our name Children’s Network International to Help the Children.  Help the Children has been serving children and their families in need in the United States and around the world since 1998 and has provided more than $1,000,000,000 of relief supplies to 12 states and 52 countries. 

Help the Children exists to provide Gods love and compassion through its programs by providing food, clothing, personal hygiene items, over the counter medicines and medical outreaches to third world countries.


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